Sarah Thomas


Sarah Thomas

Vice Principal

About Me

Sarah has over 25 years’ experience in education, working both in the UK and at international schools in Turkey, Vietnam and Ukraine. Her skills as a teacher, teacher trainer, exams officer, inspector and experienced head teacher are perfectly suited to her role at Wendover Online School.

“I have two passions, the first of which is developing students’ critical thinking skills,” says Sarah. “By nurturing our students to be their best selves, we give them the confidence to tackle challenges throughout their lives – which helps them to succeed.”

Most recently, Sarah was head teacher at the British International School Ukraine in Kyiv. Managing all aspects of this school for over 700 students aged 3-18 for five years, which included the global pandemic and the ongoing Russian attacks, gave her lasting insights into the importance of looking after the whole child.

“My second passion is school improvement,” declares Sarah. “No matter how good it already seems, I relish the challenge to make a school better – I really enjoy ensuring that a school’s systems, processes and policies work together to give children an excellent education in a supportive and caring environment.” As part of this process, Sarah is working to achieve the new Ofsted accreditation for online schooling at Wendover Online School, to help demonstrate our high standards to parents.

Based in Newcastle, Sarah has numerous interests outside education, including playing the guitar and ukulele, and singing as often as possible. She loves cycling, travelling and camping, and winning at Boggle.