Wendover Education was set up in 2013 to respond to enquiries about school placement and university guidance. We have expanded our offer to  bespoke educational projects and studying in Europe and over the last eight years to tuition leading to the establishment of our full-time school Wendover Online School in 2019.

The team brings a range of different strengths and holds a wealth of experience from working on local, national and international projects in education over many years. We have led diverse projects and worked in close partnership with a range of institutions around the world to create high quality learning opportunities, develop education programmes, train fellow educators and improve learning and teaching.

Wendover Education is a sister company to Oxford Guardians and aims, like Oxford Guardians, to personalise its services to the needs of the individual student. Wendover is run by a team of expert and experienced teachers and counsellors who specialise in the educational wellbeing and guidance of international students from the age of 8.

We recognise that the decisions our students make can positively affect the rest of their educational path. This is why we take the time to find out about our students’ backgrounds, needs and aspirations to ensure they reach the goals they set. Education is a journey from the primary years through to university with many stages in between.