Study in Europe

Have you ever thought of studying Spanish in Spain or taking a degree in Antwerp? Opportunities for studying in one of the most exciting and culturally diverse continents of the world exist for you!

If you’re a student coming to the UK for your studies, why not think about taking a language course in Spain, France, Germany or Italy during your holidays? We can place you in leading language institutes whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced language learner. Generally we recommend you stay with a local family so you speak the language, eat the local food and find out how people live and think. After all, isn’t language culture?

Hear how Renia from Hong Kong, aged 16, found her experience at the ISLA college in Salamanca in Spain:

“I really enjoyed my course, the family was so nice. It was a fantastic experience – I will definitely go back if I have time next year!”

What else does Europe offer?

Well quite simply some of the best universities in the world – and they teach in English!

So how about thinking about Maastricht or Milan or Paris? Not only are the fees attractive but you can experience living in a culture you never dreamt of.

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